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What is the Tucson Gem Show App?

The Tucson Gem Show App is the most useful application during the show.

There are two types of app. One is the Official Tucson Gem Show Guide, another one is Tucson Gem Show – Xpo Press.

Both apps can be used with iOS or Android. Of course, it is free.

Tucson Gem Show Guide App

Official Tucson Gem Show Guide can be used to get information about shows, maps, direction, contacts, restaurants, and transportation.

If you will visit Tucson the first time, you should use it because it covered all the basic information about the show and Tucson. However, it not covered vendors’ information.

Official Tucson Gem Show Guide

source: App Store Preview


lightsout931 02/05/2017
Multiple issues with correct address locations … the map took us to 2 totally wrong areas … Vicjohn and Coop shows were wrong …. details when puttin this out to folks.

BlueSilver 08/23/2018
Doesn’t Work
I click on the Shows tab and see all of the shows listed for maybe 2 seconds before they all disappear. Useless.

Bird lover forever 01/21/2020
Won’t open
Crashes as soon as I open it. Useless. Please fix ASAP.

source: App Store Preview


This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone.

Website version

Tucson Gem Show – Xpo Press App

Tucson Gem Show – Xpo Press can be used to search shows, vendors, floor plans of shows, and news regarding shows.

This app is very useful because you can search for vendors by product. Also, it has a show list and maps.

Tucson Gem Show - Xpo Press

Tucson Gem Show - Xpo Press

source: Google Play


Jessica Elkins 04/11/2021
This App is not very useful for searching Tucson gem show info.

Stephen Hwang 01/23/2020
This App is not very useful for searching Tucson gem show info.

Jake C 11/19/2017
Pretty lame, stick with the printed guide

anand sahaja 02/05/2017
Search for product didn’t work… whole reason why i downloaded it. Hope that gets fixed…

source: Google Play


It is available in both the App Store and Google Play.

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