The Weather during the Tucson Gem Show

This page introduces the weather during the Tucson Gem Show.

The weather in Tucson is warm and dry. It is very comfortable to enjoy the shows.

Wether highlights of Tucson

Summer averages: the July low is 76(24.4℃), high is around 100-110 degrees(37-43℃)
Winter averages: the January low is 39(3.8℃), high is 66(18.9℃)
Rain: averages 12 inches of rain a year
Snow: averages 0 inches of snow a year
weather of Tucson

Chance of rain

Generally, no rain during the show.

However, sometimes raining. We recommend that you should bring a compact umbrella just in case. Do not forget, it quite hard to find an umbrella around the venues.

Tips for visitors

weather of Tucson
Here are some tips for visitors.

Bring Sunscreen

You have to bring sunscreen to protect your skin. The weather of Tucson is very dry and intense sunlight. Some of the shows take place outside and no shade condition. If you forget to bring sunscreen, you can purchase it anywhere in Tucson.

Bring Sunglasses

Also, you should bring sunglasses. If you will drive in Tucson, it must item. Your eyes will tire because you will see many stones and will get sunlight all day. Sunglasses will help to protect your eyes.

Bring jackets

We recommend that you should bring jackets or anything extra wears. After sunset, the temperature will drop suddenly. In addition, sometimes the weather will change during the show. Extra jackets will help you.

Bring moisture cream

You should bring moisture cream because Tucson’s humidity is very low, especially outside. Also, you should bring a lip cream.

Bring facemasks

Generally, during the Tucson gem show, it the season of influenza. If you worry about infection such as influenza and COVID-19, you should bring facemasks because some of the showplaces will be crowded.