JOGS Fall Show 2024

Tucson Gem Show Vendor Application

Show list of 2024

ShowNumber of vendorsNumber of visitorsContactApplication
1801 Oracle – Mineral Village Show1010,000 or less520-858-9880Please ask them
1820 Oracle Wholesale Show1110,000 or less520-912-9006Please ask them
22nd Street Show35050,000973-903-3256Application
African Art Village6610,000 or less520-869-7895Please ask them
AGTA GemFair Tucson30050,000214-742-4367Application
American Indian Fine Arts Show1910,000 or lessNo informationNo information
American Indian Arts Exposition1010,000 or less520-420-4332Please ask them
Arizona Independent Warehouse Show310,000 or less303-462-1173Please ask them
Art Retreat in the Desert10,000 or lesserin@vivimagoo.comPlease ask them
Best Bead Show2210,000 or less610-241-8329Please ask them
Colors of the Stone, To Bead True Blue Show, and Tucson Artisan Workshops23110,000888-747-1123Application
Enter the Earth Wholesale Warehouse Show110,000 or less828-318-8607Please ask them
Fine Minerals International Show410,000 or less732-318-6760Please ask them
Fossil & Mineral Alley7010,000 or less520-624-6491Please ask them
GIGM Globex Gem & Mineral Show9010,000 or less520-251-1800Please ask them
GIGM Motel 6 Gem & Mineral Show7610,000 or less520-251-1800Please ask them
GIGM Quality Inn Gem & Mineral Show4010,000 or less520-251-1800Please ask them
GJX Gem & Jewelry Show45050,000520-882-4200Application
G&LW Gem Mall and HolidomeGem Mall: 109
Holidome: 226
50,000601-879-8832Please ask them
Granada Gallery110,000 or lessinfo@granadagallery.comPlease ask them
Granada Mineral Showcase110,000 or lessinfo@granadagallery.comPlease ask them
JG&M Simpson Street3010,000 or lessjgmexpo@gmail.comApplication
JG&M Michigan Street210,000 or lessjgmexpo@gmail.comApplication
JOGS Tucson Gem & Jewelry Show35050,000213-629-3030Application
Kent’s Jewelry, Lapidary, Tool & Supply Show110,000 or less520-461-1350Please ask them
Kino Gem & Mineral Show25050,000info@as-shows.comPlease ask them
La Fuente de Piedras Mineral Show1010,000 or less520-777-3045Please ask them
Madagascar Minerals Gem Show110,000 or less520-882-8884Please ask them
Mineral City Show12410,000 or less720-318-8933Please ask them
Mineral & Fossil Co-op1310,000 or less520-884-4867Please ask them
Mineral & Fossil Marketplace3610,000 or less520-245-3052Application
Miners Co-op Rock Show4010,000 or less520-123-4567Please ask them
Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show28050,000310-586-6816Application
The Rock Yard410,000 or less602-571-9287Please ask them
Rapa River Gem & Mineral Show3910,000 or less520-743-0866Application
RMGM Mineral & Fossil Show & Oracle Road2610,000 or lessrockygems@comcast.netApplication
Just Minerals Event1010,000 or lessNo informationNo information
The Tucson Fine Mineral Gallery910,000 or less520-704-9046Please ask them
Tucson Gem & Mineral Show (Main Show)25050,000520-322-5773Application
Tucson Showplace910,000 or less520-620-0007Please ask them
US Ethical Gem Fair Tucson910,000 or lessethicalgemsuppliers@gmail.comPlease ask them
Westward Look Mineral Show1510,000 or less602-618-6119Please ask them
Whole Bead Show810,000 or less530-265-2725Please ask them

*Alphabetical order
*Number of vendors and visitors are estimated.


How much is the cost to exhibit?

It depends on the show.

Here are examples:

22nd Street Show: 10.5′ × 10.5’=$4,000-

JOGS Tucson Gem & Jewelry Show: 10′ × 10’=$3,375- (as of 2018)

AGTA GemFair Tucson: 10′ × 10’=$4,500- (Corner: $5,550)

How can I apply to exhibit?

Please call to each organizer or submit application form on each website.

Some of the shows such as JOGS Tucson Gem & Jewelry Show22nd Street Show, and Tucson Gem & Mineral Show (Main Show) provide online application forms.

By when do I submit an application form?

It depends on the show.

We highly recommend you should contact each organizer, six months before at least.

Many exhibitors tend to reserve their booth one year in advance.

Where should I exhibit?

It depends on your merchandise.

If you have gemstones or jewelry, we recommend the following shows.

If you have minerals or mineral specimens, we recommend the following shows.

If you have fossils or meteorites, we recommend the following shows.

If you have beads or handcraft things, we recommend the following shows.

If you have rough rocks, we recommend the following shows.

If you have metaphysical supplies (singing bowl, incense, cloth, etc.), we recommend the following shows.

How can I get a visa invitation letter?

You have to ask an organizer of the show.

For example, JOGS Tucson Gem & Jewelry Show provide an invitation letter, and they will help you to enter the US.

Also, they provide some tips regarding Visa interview on their official website.

Unfortunately, we CANNOT help you entering the US.


If you need assistance to participate the Tucson Gem Show as vendors please contact us.

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