Rapa River Gem & Mineral Show

Rapa River Gem & Mineral Show

Information for the Rapa River Gem & Mineral Show

Show datesApril 9, 2021 - April 25, 2021
Hours9:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M.
AddressRapa River Show Tents, 292 S. Freeway Ave.,
Tucson, Arizona 85745, United States
SponsorRapa River Gem & Mineral Show
Open toPublic
Type of merchandiseRocks, Fossils, Mineral, Art
It takes time to see allAn hour (estimated)
Parking feesFree
RestroomsYes (port-a-potty)


The Rapa River Gem & Mineral Show is not a big show, but there will be many warm vendors every year.

You can find minerals, rocks, carvings, glass arts, and Asian traditional clothes. You should visit once during the show because vendors tend to change every year.

You can stop by after visiting the GIGM Show Globex Gem & Mineral Show (Red Lion Inn and Suites).


Customer reviews of this show

2.5 rating
2.5 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)
Very good50%

Dealer defrauding buyers with fake fossils marketed as real

I visited the Rapa River show on April 10th and was sold what was represented to me by a male dealer towards back of interior open lawn area, as an authentic fossil crocodile skull for $60. Upon my return home to the east coast I researched the piece online and found that it is a common fake made in morocco, whereby the skull is made from a mold with teeth inserted to defraud unsuspecting buyers into believing they are buying a real fossil.
The dealer should be identified, confronted and not be allowed to continue selling. I’ve been to this show at least 20 times over the years and this is the first time I’ve ever been sold a fake anything. I’m extremely disappointed the Rapa River Show and would not recommend. There is zero quality control.

Matthew Blake

A good place to visit.

I like this place because there are some Mexican minerals, such as Mexican fire opal, Mexican desert roses, and Raw agates. They are very friendly and these minerals are not expensive:)


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