We highly recommend you use rent-a-car during the Tucson Gem Show because it is easy to move, easy to carry your minerals, and very flexible.

You can find the information about where you can get a car, recommended rent-a-car companies, and some tips on this page.

Why Rent-a-car?

Tucson Gem Show will take place around the city.

You have to move the venue to other venues during the show. The organizer provides you the shuttle bus system, but it does not cover all venues.

In addition, sometimes, it will be crowded and does not arrive on time. The shuttle bus system is pretty stressful.

If you have a rental car, you can go anywhere, anytime. Also, you have temporary storage for minerals and baggage. Rent-a-car is the most efficient and practical to move around the shows.

Where Can I get Rent-a-car?

You can get a car at the airport or everywhere in the city.

The best pick up location is Tucson International Airport because there are many car rental companies, such as Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise, Hertz, and National.

Is there parking lots near the shows?

Yes, there are parking lots around each show.

Some of the shows require parking fees such as the 22nd street show, Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show, and the Main show.

The range of parking fees is $3-$10 per day. (Cash only!)

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Rent-a-car vs Uber vs Shuttle Bus

What is the best way to move around the Tucson Gem Show?

We compared Rent-a-car, Ride-sharing services, and the Shuttle bus.

 Rent-a-carUber/LyftShuttle Bus
Time efficiency××

Recommended car rental companies in Tucson

Here are our recommended car rental companies.



Reservations: 1-800-736-8222
Local: 1-844-370-9821
Hours: 5 a.m.-11:59 p.m. daily

They have 7 car rental offices in Tucson, and they offer an affordable price during the show. Also, they offer you a point system called “Enterprise Plus”. If you want to save the budget or correct points, you should consider this company.



Reservations: 1-800-800-4000
Local: (520) 434-3420
Hours: 7.a.m.-12 midnight daily

Dollar is one of the economical car rental companies. If you are AAA member, you can save the budget. They only have an office in Tucson airport.



Reservations: 1-800-527-0700
Local: (520) 573-2025
Hours: 6:30 a.m.-12 midnight daily

Budget is a useful car rental company. They offer you a special discount on the official website. You should check their website before booking.

How to get rent-a-car at Tucson airport

Here is the direction to rent-a-car office from the baggage claim of Tucson airport.

rent car pick up at Tucson airport-01

This is around the baggage claim of Tucson airport. (ground floor)

You will arrive on the 2nd floor, and down to the ground floor.

rent car pick up at Tucson airport-02

You can find the direction board on the top.

rent car pick up at Tucson airport-03

This is a direction board.

rent car pick up at Tucson airport-04

Follow the direction board.

rent car pick up at Tucson airport-05

Just go straight.

rent car pick up at Tucson airport-06

Pass the welcome board.

rent car pick up at Tucson airport-07

This is the exit of the terminal.

You can come to this exit about 3-5 min from the baggage claim area.

rent car pick up at Tucson airport-08

Go straight a bit.

rent car pick up at Tucson airport-09

Here is the entrance of car rental offices.

rent car pick up at Tucson airport-10

You can find your car rental company’s counter.

rent car pick up at Tucson airport-11

This is the vehicle pick up area. (outside of the offices.)

How to get the exit of airport

Here is the direction to exit of the airport from vehicle pick up area.

exit ot tucson airport-01 | tucsongemshow101

Outside of the vehicle pick up area.

exit ot tucson airport-02 | tucsongemshow101

Just go straight in one way.

exit ot tucson airport-03 | tucsongemshow101

Go straight.

exit ot tucson airport-04 | tucsongemshow101

Turn left on the STOP sign, and turn left on the next STOP sign.

exit ot tucson airport-05 | tucsongemshow101

This is South Tucson Blvd. (one way)

exit ot tucson airport-06 | tucsongemshow101

Just go straight to the I-10 or center of the city on South Tucson Blvd.

Before departing from the airport, you should set the direction to your destination with your smartphone.

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