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Westward Look Mineral Show

Westward Look Mineral Show

Information for the Westward Look Mineral Show

Westward Look Mineral Show will not be in 2023.


Show dates Cancelled

Address Westward Look Resort
245 E. Ina Rd.
Tucson, Arizona 85704, United States
Google Map
District North Tucson
Phone 509-998-5987
Admission Free
Open to Public
Registration No
Exhibitors Exhibitors list
Number of exhibitors 32
Type of merchandise Fine Minerals, Gemstones, Specimens
It takes time to see all Two hours (estimated)
Parking fees Free
Foods Yes
Restrooms Yes
Handicap accessible Yes
Facebook Fine Mineral Show
Instagram Fine Mineral Show


The Westward Look Mineral Show is known as Fine Mineral Show. This show features some of the finest dealers in the business with mineral specimens you won’t be able to see anywhere else. Vendors who have great minerals will be in each room of the Westward Look Hotel.

You can see museum-class minerals, specimens, and gemstones. It is said that this show is a miniature version of the Main Show. One of the good points is free admission. If you will go to the Main Show to see great mineral collections, you have to pay $12. However, you can see similar quality specimens for free.

The Westward Look Mineral Show is located in the North area of Tucson. It takes about 20 minutes by car from the downtown area of Tucson.


Customer reviews of this show

5.0 rating
5 out of 5 stars (based on 3 reviews)
Very good0%

Only the Finest

5.0 rating

You will be amazed a wonder struck !!

Casey Jones

Beautiful view.

5.0 rating

This showplace, though a little far from other showplaces, the location is beautiful. When I visited there, it wasn’t crowded. Thanks to that lack of crowds, I had a good conversation with vendors and observed each mineral.


Amazing show.

5.0 rating

I was surprised when I first visited this show because all vendors had only fine minerals and real gemstones. Unfortunately, I didn’t buy anything but really enjoyed it. If you are interested in fine minerals or museum-quality minerals, you MUST go there.


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