Gold Plan Sample Page

You can use any type of photo on the first view section. This section will work to grab customer’s attention. Gold Plan can change photos anytime if you want.

Brief description of your company. (your merchandise, country, history, etc)

About Your Company

ShowYour company name
DatesYour show dates
HoursYour show hours
AddressYour show address
BoothYour booth number
Type of merchandiseYour merchandise
Payment methodsYour payment methods
OfficeYour office address
PhoneYour phone number
WebsiteYour website including your SNS
Comment from the vendorFull description of your company, message to buyers, etc.

This section shows your basic information. If you have SNS, such as Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, it’s a good place to appeal it. In addition, buyers can contact you easily when they want to purchase more.

Although you give your business card to your customers, customers tend to forget you quickly. However, customers can come back and get your information easily if you have this advertising page. In short, you have an opportunity to get repeat customers and can connect to your customers anytime.


You can introduce any type of merchandise with photos and a brief description here. (Maximum 3 items)



This is the best crystal ever!



This is the best Amethyst ever! It from Minas Gerais, Brazil.



This is the best Emerald. It is natural Emerald from Columbia.

You should emphasize your branding by put the main merchandise here. Buyers can realize quickly what type of shop, what kind of stones you have, and they can decide to visit or no. If you have special minerals or attractive things, it will grab potential customers efficiently.

Customer review


Sample1 :02/12/2019
This is the best vendor in the Tucson show!

Sample2 : 06/26/2014
They have so many beautiful minerals!

We are waiting for your review of this vendor. You can post your review from the button below. Please post your review with your name, email (it will never be published), and review title. We will publish your review after verification.

Have you seen the vendor’s review in the Tucson gem show before? This section can tell potential customers regarding your services, merchandise, and customer experiences.

Customers tend to refer other’s reviews when they try to purchase something. When you will get many good reputations here, you can get new customers. We recommend that you should tell your customers to announce the existence of this review page to collect reviews.

The review section is one of the new advertising styles of the Tucson gem show. Do not worry, we can verify each review before published. You can eliminate inappropriate reviews if you want.


You can put photos of your merchandise, booth, and yourself in this section (Maximum 12 phots). In addition, the Gold Plan can change these photos anytime.

Most of the buyers want to know your types of merchandise before visiting. Photos in this section can attract buyers easily and effectively compare with booklet type or paper type advertising. The paper style advertising has limited space and limited the number of photos, but this advertising page can solve it and improve your advertising cost performance.

Videos (if you have)

You can put your video here. (Maximum 3 videos)

Sometimes, you cannot tell or explain enough your merchandise by photos. You can use a short video for explaining here (30 seconds each video). This section is a good place for your presentation.

Coupon (if you have)

You can use special coupons if you have. For example, a 10% discount, buy one get one free, free domestic delivery, etc.

People love coupons, especially American buyers. Coupons are a good way to catch first-time customers. You do not need to prepare paper type coupons. You can give a special offer when buyers show you this page by mobile phone or electric devices.

More information

If you will attend other shows, such as Fall Tucson Show, Denver Show, Las Vegas Show, and Munich Show you can announce any type of information here.
You can emphasize your real shop, website, or information about exhibiting other shows here. So, you can grab repeat customers efficiently.

Summary of the Gold Plan

  • You can own your information page on this site, including recommendations, reviews, photos, and videos. The Gold Plan is a full package of online advertising.
  • The Gold Plan can customize the structure of your page. For example, you can put “Photos” below your information chart. If you want to add or delete something, please feel free to contact us.
  • The Gold Plan is the best way of exposure and to raise your brand recognition.

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