Spectrolite Finland

Spectrolite Finland will bring unique and rare labradorites. You can see raw Spectrolite and some jewelry of Spectrolite. The owner comes to desert city from icy country Finland every year.Spectrolite Finland

About Spectrolite Finland

ShowPueblo Gem & Mineral Show
AddressRamada Tucson Conference Center (formerly River Park Inn), 777 W. Cushing Street, Tucson, Arizona 85745, United States
BoothC-3 (near Oasis bar)
Type of merchandiseSpectrolite (Labradorite)
Payment methodsCash
OfficeRintelantie 4, 54410 Ylamaa, Finland
Comment from the vendorSpectrolite is a hard and rare variety of labradorite. It is known for the strong characteristics and the charming iridescence of spectrum colors. The colors include all the colors of the spectrum; mostly blue, green, yellow and purple often referred as Northern Lights, Aurora, Rainbow, and Butterfly wings.

The highest quality as we have is widely used for jewelry and other products all over the world.

Customer review of Spectrolite Finland


I have met Esko two times. He took me on a tour of the Spectrolite quarry and the museum and I have been to his rock show before. He is a very generous man. He is a world traveler and he is passionate about geology and life. Thank you Esko! (from his Facebook)

This is the best shop of Labradorite. He is a trustworthy seller in the show.

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