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This website introduces various information about the Tucson Gem Showcase (Winter and Fall).

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Tucson Gem Show 2024 Schedule or Tucson Gem Show 2025 Schedule

What is the Tucson Gem, Mineral, Fossil Showcase?

The Tucson Gem, Mineral, Fossil Showcase is the biggest gem, mineral and fossil show in the world.

It takes place in Tucson, Arizona every winter and fall. The Winter show is the most famous, and it kicks off the final week of January and continues through the middle of February every year.

The Tucson Gem, Mineral, Fossil Showcase Winter consists of nearly 50 shows and these shows are held in different areas and different dates.

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Every winter, roughly 4,000 vendors and 65,000 visitors come to Tucson. According to FMR Associates, the Tucson Gem Show brings in $131 million in direct economic impact to the Tucson region.  Also, around $13 million in local sales tax alone is collected during the Tucson Gem Show.

The Fall show is smaller than the winter show. It is held on the final week of August through the first week of September.

Just remember there are two shows in Tucson every year. The winter show consists nearly 50 shows. (not one show) The Fall show is only 3-4 shows.

If you will come to the winter show, It is challenging to attend all shows. Therefore, you should plan where you want to go before arriving in Tucson.

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At the show, you can purchase gemstones, jewelry, minerals, rocks, and fossils below the retail price. Also, you can see rare stones, museum-class minerals, Ethnic and tribal art, African arts, Native American arts, and, one-of-a-kind jewelry.

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If hard to attend to the Tucson Gem Show, you should consider to visit the Denver Gem & Mineral Showcase. The Denver Gem & Mineral Showcase is the Second largest show in the world.

Over 1,000 vendors who have attended the Tucson Gem Show gathering again in Denver, Colorado in every September.

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Tucson Gem Show 2024

Tucson Gem Show 2024 (Winter): January 16-February 11, 2024.

Tucson Gem Show 2024 (Fall): August 29-September 1, 2024.

Here is the Tucson Gem Show 2024 Schedule. Also please check Tucson Gem Show Calendar 2024.

Tucson Gem Show 2024 Schedule
This page introduces the schedule of the Tucson Gem Show 2024. You can see the lists of the shows, dates, hours, and locations.
Tucson Gem Show Calendar 2024
This page has the Tucson Gem Show Calendar for January and February, 2024.

Tucson Gem Show 2025

In 2025, the Tucson Gem Showcase will run through Janurary 30 – February 16, 2025.

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Tucson Gem Show 2025 Schedule
This page introduces the schedule of the Tucson Gem Show 2025. You can see the lists of the shows, dates, hours, and locations.


Here is the Map of Tucson Gem & Mineral Showcase. (Google Map)

Tucson Gem Show Map 2024

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You can get tickets at the Tucson Gem & Mineral Society, if you want to go to the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show (Main Show).

Tickets are available January, 2025. Get $3.00 off coupon in advance.

Get tickets

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Please see our Registration page to know which show require registration.

In the Tucson Gem & Mineral Showcase, some of the shows require registering to enter. Almost all shows provide Online-registration.

This page has all information about registration of the Tucson gem show. You can find tips, a way to register, requirements, and a list of registration required.

Vendors list

Here is the Tucson Gem Show 2024 Vendors List. (Google Sheets) Every year, roughly 4,000 vendors gathering in Tucson.

We are updating the vendors list when the show gets closer.

Tucson Gem Show 2024 All Vendors List
This page has the Tucson Gem Show 2024 Vendors List.


If you will come to the show, Apps might be helpful. Please see the Tucson Gem Show App.

Tucson Gem Show App
This page introduces the Tucson Gem Show App. You can see information about the app, reviews, and download links.


Check direction to the show on Directions to Tucson page.

Directions to Tucson
This page introduces how to get to Tucson from both domestic and oversea. You can find recommended flights, driving directions, and tips.


Some information about accommodation for your stay during the show. See Tucson Gem Show Hotels.

Tucson Gem Show Hotels
This page has information related to the accommodation of Tucson. You can see some tips such as area, safety, price, and comparison.

Rental Car

If you need a rental car during the show, please see Rent-A-Car.

This page has information about the rent-a-car of Tucson. Some tips for getting a rental car during the Tucson gem show.

Shuttle and Parking

Shuttle buses and Parking available during the show. Tucson Gem Show Shuttle and Parking Information.

Tucson Gem Show Shuttle and Parking Information
This page has information about shuttles and parking. You can find shuttle route maps, parking, and some tips.

Recommended Show Ranking

The following shows are very famous and popular in the Tucson Gem & Mineral Showcase. If you don’t know which show is good, it will help you.

JOGS Tucson Gem & Jewelry Show

・Date: January 30 – February 10, 2025
・Vendors: 350
・Open to: Wholesale and public
・Registration: Yes
・Merchandise: Jewelry, Gemstones, Minerals, Rough, Beads, Gem decor, Fossil

22nd Street Show

・Date: January 30 – February 16, 2025
・Vendors: 350
・Registration: No
・Merchandise: Fossils, Gemstones, Minerals, Jewelry, African art, Artifacts, beads, Asian art, Specimens, Supplies, Tools

Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show

・Date: January 30 – February 11, 2025
・Vendors: 260
・Open to: Public
・Registration: No
・Parking: $5-10/day
・Merchandise: Fine minerals, Gemstones, Jewelry, Minerals, Rocks, Art, Singing bowl, tools

Kino Gem & Mineral Show

・Date: January 25 – February 11, 2024
・Vendors: 250
・Open to: Public
・Registration: No
・Merchandise: Rocks, Beads, Gemstones, Jewelry, Minerals, Art, African beads, Fossils, Lapidary, tool

Tucson Gem & Mineral Show (Main Show)

・Date:February 13 - February 16, 2025
・Vendors: 250
・Registration: No. Admission charges $13
・Merchandise: Gemstones, Minerals, Jewelry

This ranking is based on customer reviews, popularity, history, the scale of the show, and other original research sources.

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